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An entire festival within the festival. Sónar+D arrives on this 20th anniversary, synthesizing and exhibiting the scenario created by the digital revolution in artistic creation, technological innovation, mobility and new business models, in its nine sections.

Here is a tour of the highlights of Sónar+D:

24 companies, agencies, studios and academies will be present in Market Lab, where they will be showcasing the latest in innovation in creativity, education and new business opportunities. 3D printers will be brought to us by Ultra-Lab, with demonstrations and workshops. The Palm Top Theater also uses the third dimension, with a device that lets you view mobile content in 3D in the palm of your hand. The agency herraizsoto&co. will be exhibiting remarkable digital projects from their laboratory, such as Notegraphy, which seeks to redefine the way we write and share content and experiences online. Polymetros provides the opportunity for multiple users to improvise and compose music simultaneously using tablets interconnected to a central device. And the studio Two Way View brings the amazing Universal Share Station, with which they surpass the limits of telepresence.

For 24 frantic hours on Music Hack Day, 100 hackers and artists will create the new generation of music apps. There will also be workshops on APIs (an interface for using web services) and a special neuroscience hack, to promote programs for sound creation and interaction between music, brain-computer interfaces and other physiological sensors.

In Hands on Area, developers and experts will be explaining their selected products, and allowing the public to handle them and experiment. This is the case with the latest Pioneer's two products for professional DJs: the XDJ-AERO, the first wireless system for playing with smartphones, tablets, laptops and computers; and the DDJ-SX, a special new controller for the Serato program. You can also try out Vidibox, a unique tool enabling video remixing and very easy editing on your mobile; and Bhoreal, a new multifunction MIDI controller designed for multimedia applications, ideal for djs, visual artists, musicians, vjs and hackers.

The three live shows at Sónar+D presented at SónarComplex are a perfect example of how mobiles become fully integrated into artistic creation. From Beardytron, presented by Beardyman himself, by way of the Barcelona Laptop Orchestra to the fascinating Borderlands by Chris Carlson.

Sónar+D presents three Workshops aimed at makers, djs and producers - for professionals and amateurs alike. Dirty Electronics is paying its respects and will teach you how to build a synthesizer dedicated to the 20th anniversary of Sonar.

The five installations at Sónar+D can be visited in different parts of the city, so that the viewer is fully immersed in the universe of digital art: the monumental Matter by Quayola, one of the major benchmarks in multimedia art, will occupy the oval room in the Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya with a screen 12 metres high, where it will unfurl his visual and sound interpretation of "The Thinker" by Auguste Rodin; Labyrinthitis by Jacob Kirkegaard, invites you to discover the sound produced by the inner ear, in an amazing psychoacoustic work installed at CosmoCaixa; InkScapes of Adrià Navarro envelops the visitor in the drawings and sounds projected on a large screen that the man himself draws on a tablet.

The key players in the different spheres of the technological revolution will be present in the ten conferences presented at Sónar+D. Rethink the Music will draw a roadmap for the future of the music industry; Creative Technologies Café offers the opportunity to find out about the creative process of the foremost visual developers on the international scene from within; Resident Advisor Exchange with Derrick May will be an interview with the renowned musician from Detroit open to the public; Richie Hawtin, Skrillex and Luciano will be presenting Bridges for Music, the project that seeks to improve the quality of life in impoverished areas in South Africa through music; Matthew Herbert presents The New Radiophonic Workshop will highlight the new virtual life of the BBC's sound lab, as well as the challenges involved in working as an online discussion portal on sound creation; and finally Lubftbobler: Dinos Chapman in conversation with Quayola will be an interview between the Italian and the British artist on his creative career and his recent musical direction.

The Sónar registration process for Meet The Expert is now open for accredited professionals seeking to expand their networking, present a project or clear up specific doubts with some of the 23 specialists in the various areas of innovation and technological creation.

At App Bar, where you can sample the selection that Sónar+D has made of the essential mobile applications in the field of art, music and video games, you will find - among 15 other apps - the great Mini-composer created by the legendary Karl Bartos, a founder member of Kraftwerk, in alliance with the Japanese digital artist Akamatsu Masayiki to create a simple musical toy that allows you to play to recreate the sound of the Dusseldorf giants.

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