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Here we go again . STOMP! Last information:

We are NOT sold out. Over 600 tickets available at the door.
You can buy tickets for a single day at the box office as well.

Box office and presale pick up open 3 pm on Saturday.

Please bring your passport and ID for presale tickets.
Doors: 5pm, first band: 6 pm (same as Sunday)
Please come and pick up the ticket early to avoid the queue.

If you arrive on Sunday you can check on our website if tickets are still available.

It´s possible to buy or let buy a ticket for Sunday on Saturday as well.(for friends eg)

last but not least:

Early arrivers on Friday could come to the Flaming Star for a drink (opens 6pm)
All bands are playing as confirmed (apart from ealier line up change: Captain Drugbuster to Sir Psyko)
First 100 litres of beer are for free on Saturday evening.
Last Stomp´s dvd (2010) will be on sale at the Satanic Stomp merchandise stall near the entrance.
The AstroZombies will release their new CD. Heard it already . It´s brilliant. Don´t miss it.
The Hotel Zum Wartturm (Speyer) still have two doubles left for Saturday.(004962364330)
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