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Satanic Stomp 22.03.2019
Pre Sale Has Been Stopped
VVK für den 32. Satanic Stomp beendet. Es gibt ausreichend Karten an der Abendkasse. Presale for the 32.Satanic Stomp has finished. Plenty of tickets available at the door.

Satanic Stomp 18.05.2018
New Newsletter
Due the new GDPR of the EU, we want to provide you a new newsletter. If you want to receive it, please follow this link:  Newsletter subscription The old newsletter won't be used any more. 

Satanic Stomp 08.01.2017
29th Satanic Stomp

Satanic Stomp 24.04.2015
Presale Has Stopped
Presale has stopped. Plenty of tickets for both days available at the door. Box office at the Halle 101 opens Friday 1st May, 3 PM

Satanic Stomp 11.04.2014
Presale Finished
Presale finished. Weekend tickets and single day tickets available at the box office from 3 PM on Saturday. The festival will NOT be sold out.

Satanic Stomp 21.06.2013
27th Satanic Stomp

Satanic Stomp 31.03.2013
Festival Not Sold Out
Festival is not sold out. Tickets for Sunday available at the door.

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