Introducing Metapay - A Cashless System For The Bars

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We are trying out a cashless system this year, to have an immediate insight of the needs at certain points of the Festival (mostly accepted in the Bars and Supermarkets - see map in Program Guide) whilst giving you the freedom of the cashless systems. You will be able to purchase and later top up your card with any amount and currency (Euros and Forints are preferred) at the MetaPay Points, even with the simple use of your bank or credit card.




Rules and the Festival card Policy


  • The Festival Card (henceforth: Card) is an electronic shopping voucher issued by

Hunapu Ltd. (henceforth: Issuer).

  • The card's goal is to create a moneyless environment, where you should only take care of your card, and make your payments easily and fast.

  • The card is an RFID card, which supports "paypass" technologies.

  • The card does not functions as a credit/debit card or as cash replacement.

  • The card may be used for payment only during the S.U.N. Festival, at the bar and in some commercial units. (Some units accepts cash and Card as well)

  • This festival card is only valid at the S.U.N. Festival.

  • The remaining money on the card can be converted back into cash at any time!

(Please see point 8 about the details)

  • The card does not hold information about the card owner, but the owner can register into the Metapay system until the card is returned.

  • The card is given to the owner with a receipt and can be used once it is topped up with money.

  • The festival card can be picked up for a 500,-HUF (~2EUR) deposit.

The deposit is reimbursed if the card is returned intactly.

The deposit payment is indicated on the receipt when the first amount is being put on the card.


  • Visitors receive their cards free of charge.

  • Visitors can register their cards by SMS or on the website. Cell phone numbers assigned for the card cannot be changed, in order to avoid unauthorized registrations.

  • The registration process is the following: the visitors send the FES, REG words, the nine-digit card number, the registration code and a personally selected four-digit PIN code.

(E.g.: FES REG 123456789 123 1234)

to the +36 70 71-77-111 phone number.


The card number consists of 9 digits, out of which you will find 6 digits on the front and 3 digits on the back of the card.

  • The card can be used without being registered, but registration increases the security of using the card, since visitors can only disable their lost cards if they have carried out the registration process.

  • IMPORTANT: The original owners of lost cards cannot claim back credits without being registered! Furthermore, anybody else who finds the cards can shop with it, since in this way the card cannot be disabled as well. Regarding the fact that the cards are ultimately not used along with a name, we would like to remind you not to give them to any third persons and to keep them in a safe place. The Issuer will not accept responsibility for the loss or the damage of the card, for its usage by an unauthorized person or any damages due to non-registration.

  • The registration of cards is obligatory when the amount put on the card exceeds 50.000HUF (~160EUR).


  • The card can be loaded by any sum up to 240.000.-HUF (~780 EUR) / card.

  • The card's balance can be topped at any time.

  • Transferring money from a debit/credit card:

The festival card can be loaded by any preferred amount by credit/debit cards as well, but there may be a transferring fee depending on the provider.

When transferring cash we accept only HUF!

  • We do NOT accept any complaints after the card user has left the counter!

  • The replacement of lost cards can be requested in person at the Helpdesk, by providing a document verifying your identity (ID card or passport) which is followed by the disabling process of the lost card. The balance remaining on the disabled card at the time being will be put on the new card 30 minutes after the previous card's disablement. (More details: the rules for replacing the card and the disablement of the card can be found in the 6th and 7th points of the Policy respectively).


  • Purchases are done with the aid of terminals placed at the commercial units.

  • The terminal consists two parts:

1, a card reader with a display, which is put on a stand that is easily-visible to the card owner and is secured to the counter; and

2, a POS terminal which is placed on the counter for the vendor, and which is not necessarily visible to the visitor.

  • The purchasing process:

  1. the vendor puts the total sum of the order or purchase into the cash register and puts it down in the POS terminal;

  2. after the verification of the purchase sum by the vendor, it appears on the display of the card reader, and when the visitor accepts the displayed sum, he puts his card on card reader, and the payment transaction is carried out;

  3. the account of the visitor is decreased by the given amount;

  4. the remaining sum appears on the display of the card reader.

If the transaction fails or the given sum is not correct, the payment terminal is able to cancel the transaction. The cancellation of the transaction can be only carried out at the same terminal where it was made, providing it was the last transaction for both the card and for the terminal. Cancellation is not possible under any other circumstances. Tipping is also possible through this system; in this case the vendor types in a higher sum than the actual purchase price. We would like to draw our visitors' attention to the fact that they ought to check the typed in sum when tipping. The vendor provides a receipt at the time of purchase. If the visitor wishes to return the purchased item the vendor should define the conditions for taking it back in accordance with the effective regulations of law, taking the stipulations of consumer protection into account.


The balance of the voucher cards can be checked when vendors accept the card and at the terminals. Regarding that the balance is connected to the card, visitors accept the data provided by the Issuer as valid.


If a visitor loses his/her card or if it gets damaged in any way, there is the possibility to request a new card.

The deposit fee of the new card is also HUF 500.-, which is reimbursed if the visitor returns the card intact.

In cases when the visitor has not registered, the old card cannot be disabled. The balance of the old card can only be added to the balance of the new card if the old card has been registered and was disabled.

The transfer of the balance is carried out at the Helpdesk point(s). On making the transfer, the person requesting the transfer is asked to provide a document to verify their identity (ID, passport) and accept that his or her personal datas (name, address, ID or passport number, phone number) will be recorded. Data collected in this way will not be processed, since the data handling is carried out in strict accordance with Act CXII of 2011, regarding the right of informational self-determination and freedom of information and related legal regulations, as well as complying with its regulations.


Refusal to providing data means that the Helpdesk colleague is not obliged to carry out the transfer. When transferring, the visitor is given information about the order of the process and acknowledges the conditions of its execution.

In case of a damaged card, showing and cancelling the damaged card is also necessary in order to request a new card.

New cards can be requested from the cashier at the transaction point.


The balance of lost and stolen cards can only be cancelled if the cards have been previously registered. Cards can be cancelled online on the website or by sending an SMS to the +36 70 71-77-111 phone number, with the message being the FES, STOP words and the 4-digit PIN code (e.g.: FES STOP 1111). After 30 minutes upon the request by our client, we will transfer the remaining balance of the cancelled card to the new card.


The amount that has not been used on the card can be changed back in accordance with the general rules of rounding up. Visitors are given a receipt.


The last exchanges can be carried at the open transfer points at the festival at the following time: 28th JULY 2014 12 AM.

In the case of converting the balance of a bigger sum, the cashier is entitled to check the ID of the cardholder, and can request the Financial Centre's approval of payment. Visitors should acknowledge that this process, and receiving the permission for the payback can take some time.

Please note that if it's possible do not leave the conversion of the balance to the last minute.


The SMS sent for registration and cancellation is of a regular fee.


The visitor acknowledges and agrees that the Issuer handles their personal data in accordance with the Act CXII of 2011, regarding the right of informational self-determination and freedom of information and other effective legal regulations regarding data protection. The data cannot be connected to persons during the handling of the data, with the exception of the registration, when the visitor gives his voluntary approval to data handling.
Regarding cell phone registration, the data can only be connected to a mobile phone number, and in case of online registration, to a name, email address and phone number.
Data handling is carried out during the event by the voucher system operator Meta-MPI Korlátolt Felel?sség? Társaság (5400 Mez?túr,Pet?fi Sándor u. 51., Cg. 16-09-015629).

Visitors (when deactivating their cards) are entitled to ask for the deletion of their personal data (i.e. withdrawal of the statement containing the consent for handling their personal data). Deletion can be requested from Issuer through an electronic address or via post. Visitors can withdraw the consent they have given at any time without any explanation, partially or fully. Upon receiving the notification of the withdrawal of the consent and following the deactivation of the card, the Issuer promptly takes care of the cessation of data handling, permanently deletes the visitor from its registry, while the personal data related to the withdrawal is deleted as well, then informs the visitor about the carrying out of all these.


Issuer can only accept complaints if the visitor has the card with him, except in cases when the card owner (based on the phone number, or name and email address) can be identified through the previous registration.

To take a photo, make a video, or any kind of visual recording of the transfer points whether they are taken from outside or inside, or about its workers, the written permission of Meta-MPI Kft. (metapay) is required. These regulations are also in effect in case of any audio or visual recording made with the employees of the transfer points.

The Issuer is entitled to change the current regulations unilaterally, and at the same time he informs the visitors about it.

30th June 2014.


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