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S.U.N Festival 17.07.2014
Introducing Metapay - A Cashless System For The Bars
We are trying out a cashless system this year, to have an immediate insight of the needs at certain points of the Festival (mostly accepted in the Bars and Supermarkets - see map in Program Guide) whilst giving you the freedom of the cashless systems. You will be able to purchase and later top up y ...

S.U.N Festival 17.07.2014
Shiny Sunny People - A Short Film From The Artist Camp On The Land
This small movie was created from nice moments caught during the time of the construction works. It is also about the lovely spirit of the team :) The past weeks more and more people were joining our little community camp on site, and it was one of the reasons why the festival preparations went way ...

S.U.N Festival 16.07.2014
Gates Opening On Sunday Morning
The Festival will open its' gates this year the earliest that's possible: from 8 a.m. this Sunday (20th July) you are welcome to enter the valley and see what's changed during the past year, or find your best camping spot. Don't forget that the entrance now is from Bercel town! GPS coordinates: 47°5 ...

S.U.N Festival 16.07.2014
The Truth Is Like The Sun - It Always Comes Up
Our facebook page has been repeatedly shot down, and all our admins are banned. Now it's crystal clear that it was done with bad intention. We hope that our message still gets through: we are alive and kicking! The spirit is stronger than ever, you feel everywhere as you walk across the land, and yo ...

S.U.N Festival 19.06.2014
Tribal Showcase - Gaia Stage Line Up Revealed
The Gaia experience.... To see the full lineup go to Gaia Stage page Meanwhile we made a little showcase of the live acts performing at Gaia. See you there! Alpha - The secret ambient project of a well-known Hungarian band "Colorstar'. Anez - Innovative music with analog fat sound. Bit Busters - T ...

S.U.N Festival 08.06.2014
Airport Shuttle Bus Service - Important To Reserve Your Seat !
The strict rules of Budapest Airport require a list of the passengers to be on the bus drivers' hand, which means the coach was reserved in advance.  To provide you an easy-flowing good travel experience with a perfectly adjusted time schedule - while keeping the strict Airport safety rules - we are ...

S.U.N Festival 22.05.2014
Slides Of 2013
To refresh those golden summer memories behold the lovely photos from the very first SUN festival. Presented by various photographers: Arthur Baron, Cecile Gambier, Daniel B. Kovacs, Jani Pestijzs, Janne Backus, Marine, Nagy Szabolcs, Pmariska, Peter Nemeshazi and many more. Thank you for sharing t ...

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