Tribal Showcase - Gaia Stage Line Up Revealed

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The Gaia experience.... To see the full lineup go to Gaia Stage page

Meanwhile we made a little showcase of the live acts performing at Gaia. See you there!

Alpha - The secret ambient project of a well-known Hungarian band "Colorstar'.

Anez - Innovative music with analog fat sound.

Bit Busters - The Alesis D 16 band with a touch of class.

Budapest Burlesque - Swing music never dies!

Colorstar - Psychedelic rock sensation. A real Hungaricum.

Deephlux - 70′s style guitars and rhodes paired with new grooves.

Ethnofil - 100% organic.

Everyday Electronics - Fusion of electric guitars and live analog fat synth sounds.

Khamsa Tribe - The oriental heritage of Hungarians condensed in this band.

Krishna Drums - On stage trance boosting drumming sessions.

Matibhrama - You'll be blown away!

Occam Dub Act - Decent dub formation.

OKA - Melange magnifique!

Ono Gana - Sped up digerido orgy.

Operentzia -  Another fine Hungarian band. Ambient and dub.

Sardinelli - Rocky trance and dub.

Tanutuva - Just chillin'


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