Dirty Deep Blues/garagerock | Rid-2018

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Die absolute Überraschung von 2016 kehrt auch dieses Jahr ins Daal zurück! Grandioser Blues/Garage aus Frankreich.

Dirty Deep plows a swampy, heavy blues often inspired by folk and rock. Touring as a one-man band since early 2010, he travels across Europe to spread his musical religion. For, him, it's not just about music, it's a way of life! Homemade rhythms and percussions, harmonica and vocals are his means of redemption. Dirty Deep is influenced by masters of the genre : Sonny Boy Williamson II, John Lee Hooker, Son House but also by contemporary artists such as Scott H Biram, Left Lane Cruiser, Mark Porkshop Holders. Following the issue of his fi rst album "Back To the Roots", Dirty Deep toured across France and Europe. This road-trip marked the beginning of his collaboration with the Devil : he met a few of his idols at the Binic "Blues, Rock, Folk Festival" , allowing him to immerse himself into the musical knowledge of his mentors. Today, Dirty Deep is accompanied on stage by Goeff roy Sourp, talented drummer of Hip Hop band "Art District", resulting in a bursting bluesy show.

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