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A new space for 2024 will host a clutch of talented and influential artists who will be showcasing and selling their work for eager Roadburners throughout the four days of the festival. This is your opportunity to meet the wonderful folk behind some stunning artworks. 

Fortifem will be exhibiting their work in this new area - demonstrating exactly why they caught the eye of bands such as Alcest, Amenra, Ulver, Igorrr and more. Having both worked as graphic designers previously, Jesse and Adrien now unite under the banner of Fortifem, where their striking illustrations and evocative artworks conjure up an ever expanding world of artistic possibilities.


Nona Limmen will also have her work on display at The Workshop as she explores ideas of mythology, symbolism, the occult, psychology and shadow work. Her lens serves as a liminal space that lures you in and makes the world around you fall away as you're drawn through a portal of her own creation. 


Marald van Haasteren is a fine artist based in Leiden, here in the Netherlands. His bold, distinctive and often incredibly delicate compositions explore ideas of elegance and beauty in nature. His work has caught the eye of the likes of High on Fire, Converge, Metallica, Ghost, Baroness and more. He has previously exhibited his work at Roadburn and of his return comments: "The direct contact with people (fellow artists, musicians, Roadburners) is something I dearly missed. I'm grateful to be back at the best festival to present my art."


Another artist whose style will be familiar to repeat Roadburners is that of Vince Trommel. His illustrations adorned the beloved Weirdo Canyon Dispatch - Roadburn's now defunct daily zine, as well as creeping into various other elements of the festival. His work is reminiscent of a modern day Jheronimus Bosch, reaching beyond the realms of reality and into the surreal. 


Maarten Donders' talents have seen his artwork lauded around the globe by such internationally recognised names as Brant Bjork, Billy Strings, and SUNN. We've long been champions of his otherworldly ability to capture the mystical and the magical in pen and ink. We're delighted to be exhibiting a selection of his work once again at Roadburn.

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