Last 1000 Tickets For 7th July

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geschrieben von: Resurrection Fest geschrieben am: 15.05.2017 um: 18:57 Uhr

We warn you that there are only 1000 tickets left for Friday 7th, day when Rammstein will play along with other awesome bands like Enter Shikari, Architects, Annihilator, Napalm Death, Terror, Animals As Leaders and many more. After these tickets there won't be anymore tickets for this day, so if you're thinking about coming, don't miss the chance! We remind you that the show of Rammstein will be full-length, with the whole scenography and pyrotechnics, and it will be the only show in 2017 in the whole Iberian Peninsula. The biggest rock show in the world will be in Viveiro and we want you to be here with us. We're waiting for you!

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