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The sale of tickets for Northside 2015 starts October 1st. There will be fewer tickets for sale than in previous years, and at the same time we will launch a new combo-ticket.

On Friday June 12 2015, the doors will open for the sixth edition of NorthSide, and as is tradition you will enjoy about 40 mainly international acts performing over three days on three stages in Ådalen in Aarhus.

The festival has been sold out the last two years in a row, and this year's NorthSide was the largest to date with 35,000 people including volunteers, musicians, and journalists. This figure can be expected to be lower next year as it has been decided to regulate both the number of tickets sold and the number of guests and volunteers to create more space on the festival site.

- According to pollsters Epinion 52 percent of the paying audience this year were repeats from 2013 and a total of 61 percent had been to NorthSide before. Combined with the fact that we this year sold out earlier than ever before means there are a lot of people who now looks at NorthSide as a yearly tradition and feel an ownership towards the festival. We are very proud how fast we have become an annual event for so many people, and we will of course work hard to also create a good experience for people in 2015.

This comes from spokesman for NorthSide, John Fogde, who not only attributes the growing success to the line-up, but also the festival's work with organic food, sustainability, the layout of the grounds, and high standards of service, which are important factors when considering whether to go to NorthSide or not.

The ticket structure for NorthSide 2015 is as follows:

- NorthSide partout: 1.395, - + fee
- NorthSide / Danmarks Grimmeste Festival Combo-partout: 1745, - + fee
- NorthSide VIP partout: 2.495, - + fee

Unlike in previous years, the price of the ticket to the NorthSide will not increase as we get closer to the festival, and thus the price of a partout ticket this year is 200, - kr. cheaper than the closing price for NorthSide 2014.

The new combo-ticket gives access to both NorthSide and Danmarks Grimmeste Festival and provides a saving of 200, - kr., while the new VIP ticket gives access to the festival's Backstage area, where you can get a break from the hectic festival atmosphere in relaxing surroundings. Note that there will only be a limited number of these ticket available.

Besides the three types of partout tickets a limited number of day tickets will be put on sale Monday February 2nd at 895, - + fee.

Ticket sales start on Wednesday October 1st at 10:00 via, and it is expected that the first acts for next year's festival will be ready before Christmas.

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