The Bookers Comment On This Year's Northside Program

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Dear audience,

The final program for NorthSide 2014 is now set, and when the gates open this summer, we believe you will be able to experience the biggest and best NorthSide line-up to date.

This year, we are particularly proud to be able to present Arcade Fire, who will present their fantastic album "Reflektor" for the first time in Denmark. We will also be visited by both the legendary band Pixies and a very unique show created by Robyn and Röyksopp. Additionally, we'll introduce new and exciting artists like RY X, James Vincent McMorrow, Royal Blood, and Rhye, who this summer will all play their very first concerts on Danish soil, as well as a return to the stage by local legend Lars H.U.G..

It is no secret that this year's program is the most expensive to date. The music budget exceeds 18 million Danish kroner against 13 million in 2013 and the extra revenue made this year by an increase in ticket prices have gone directly in to the music budget. We expect to maintain this level in the future, providing that the ticket sales keep flourishing.

We have of course read all the comments and artists recommendations on Facebook, and we have used these in our daily work. However, we ask that you to keep in mind that all artists we book can't be headliners. We just don't have the budget for that.

We are often asked the question: "Why don't you just book The Black Keys?" The answer is, we really wanted to do that, but NorthSide just didn't fit into their touring schedule this year. We did, as a matter of fact, make offers to more than 50 different artists that just didn't go through. Those statistics give a nice perspective on how hard it is to put together a good line-up.

That is why we are particularly proud of how great the final poster is this year, even though we might disappoint some, because their favorite band isn't on the poster. But unfortunately we can't satisfy each and every person.

However, we are as disappointed as everyone else that we have not succeeded in getting Bloc Party, Michael Kiwanuka, The Temper Trap, or Modest Mouse back on the schedule after their cancellations in previous years. But it's not for lack of trying. Modest Mouse, for example, are still working on their new album, and will not be touring in 2014, so they will not be playing at NorthSide this year. But we are still hoping to put them on the poster for NorthSide 2015.

The program is now set for NS14, and we are of course thrilled to see that once again ticket sales are going great. As of this moment, we have currently sold as many tickets as we had in mid-April last year, where we sold out at the end of April. So we will encourage you not to wait too long before you buy your ticket for NorthSide 2014.

See you in June!

John Fogde & Brian Nielsen

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