Mayday: Pre-party With Boys Noize, Kiasmos (dj) And Monolink (live)

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Once started as a small and illegal parking lot rave, our annual pre-party has been setting the rhythm for Melt since 2010. In the past years, Fatboy Slim, B. Traits and Oliver Koletzki kicked off our infamous 90-hour-long party at the Sleepless Floor! This year, Boys Noize will be the first to get behind the decks in the melting pot that is Ferropolis. All the better, as his second "Strightly Raw' compilation, dropped just recently on Boys Noize Records.

It"s been exactly ten years since Alex Ridha alias Boys Noize turned Ferropolis upside down for the very first time with techno from another universe. Since then, Boys Noize has literally become a veteran of his very own generation of raw techno, developed a signature sound that is notorious around the globe and played Melt in a variety of formations - whether solo or B2B, as live-act or as DJ, from the small to our biggest stage. High time for his premiere at the Sleepless Floor for this year"s pre-party, don"t you think?

In no way less creative: Kiasmos and Monolink. "Singer-songwriter structures meets electronics" might sound extraordinary at first. However, it'll all start to make sense as soon as you hear Iceland duo Kiasmos and Berlin-based Steffen Linck a.k.a. Monolink who will play live at our pre-party on 12 July. The lineup is rounded off by Innervisions' Stereocalypse and Berlin-based Resom, resident at Berlin"s ://about blank.

Tickets for our official Melt opening party are available at Eur15 right here, only with a valid festival ticket mind you. First come, first served! Don't forget: the last one to leave the Sleepless dance floor pulls the plug on Monday at noon.

Der Beitrag Mayday: Pre-Party with Boys Noize, Kiasmos (DJ) and Monolink (Live) erschien zuerst auf Melt Festival | 19 - 21 July 2019.

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