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DOUNE POSTCARD webresThe Peatbog Faeries are set to headline Friday night at Doune the Rabbit Hole festival which is back in Stirlingshire for 2014! Held at the beautiful Cardross Estate near Doune it returns for the 5th year running on August 22-24th.

This year the festival line up includes the Scottish folk-electro players; Peatbog Faeries; Japanese Psych-Rockers Acid Mother's Temple and American DIY hero Jeffrey Lewis, as well as the massively popular Balkanarama Klub who will present several hours of arts and crafts workshops followed by the kind of party that only the Balkans can produce!

Many of the artists will be hosting workshops or master-classes at the event with the focus of the festival angled towards getting people involved. From weird and wonderful instruments including Synths, Theremins and The Musical Saw, through to more traditional Fiddle, Keyboard and Drums; there will be a chance for everyone to pick up a new skill. It's not all music: pottery, knitting, crocheting and a variety of other workshops will be on offer. Not to mention the Spoken Word tent which will host poetry, stand-up and storytelling and the Cinema which will show a range of films from family friendly flicks through to life-changing documentaries and even a late-night horror session.

There are still more acts to be announced so keep your ears to the ground for the next few weeks!


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