Psyberpunk "nils" Inflates The Festival!

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Nils' decoration have been featured on many festival in Switzerland and abroad. The friendly guy from the french part of the alp republic is renowned throughout the scene for his inflatable sculptures.

About him (French Version see below): I startet to work with the psyberpunk deco team at the end of the 90′s. Since the year 2000, i develop my own designs and produce them under my own label. Three dimensional artworks, made with ultralight fabrics ind best of all: fully inflatable! At the moment i work on special editions with LED integration, and these things are huge, (over 7.30 Meters) and mobiles made with lycras! He uses old parachutes to create these crazy shapes.

French version:
j ai commencé à travailler avec le psyberpunk déco team à la fin des années 90. Depuis 2000, j développer mes propres décors ... figures géométriques 3D tissee de fil fluorescent sur des structures géométriques complex , En se moment, j travaille sur des sculptures gonflables a technoligie LED RGB (plus de 7 a 30 m !! ) et des mobils 3D de lycra que j termine par une découpe en dentelle...........................


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