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Sunandbass Festival 21.12.2020
Eq50 Mentees
Q. Tell us a little about getting involved with the EQ50 mentorship program. A. I have to big up my tutor Jason, who is an absolute legend for telling me about the EQ50 mentorship program. I love what EQ50 is about and I'm so buzzing to be surrounded by a community of womxn who have the same passion ...

Hanfparade 18.12.2020
Die Drogenpolitik Im Spiegel Der Göttlichen Komödie
Am Samstag, 14. August 2021, wird die nächste Hanfparade starten. Seit einem halben Jahrhundert ist das BtMG in Kraft und viele Politiker/innen wollen nach wie vor an der darin verankerten Repression festhalten nach dem Motto Repression statt neue Vision und Emanzipation. Unser Motto lautet hingege ...

Sunandbass Festival 18.12.2020
  Rupture's continued growth and success, built with her partner Double O, are a testament to Mantra's dedication to the junglist movement. Born from a desire to take club nights back to basics, Rupture has grown for over a decade to form what is now recognized as London's best underground D&a ...

Freedom Sounds Festival 17.12.2020
Johnny Reggae Rub Foundation Join Easy Skanking!
Und noch mehr Kölner Local Heroes, die gerne dabei sind, das Gebäude 9 zu unterstützen! Outernational Dirty Reggae von Johnny Reggae Rub Foundation, wenn es am 14.8.2021 heißt: Easy Skanking for Gebäude 9. Und das ist sicher das finale Argument, Karten für das Easy Skanking an Weihnachten z ...

Static Roots Festival 16.12.2020
Win A Canvas Print - Dia De Los Muertos Poster Series
dia de los muertos poster series If you follow us on Facebook or instagram, you might have seen our poster series created by Mexican designer Hektor Sty. If you would like to win a high quality canvas print of o ...

Sunandbass Festival 15.12.2020
  Q. From your perspective, how have things changed for womxn in the drumandbass community in recent years? What would be your hopes going forward? A. As a female who works and performs in the wider industry of music I feel there have been a lot of changes in the further afield parts of the in ...

Sunandbass Festival 15.12.2020
Kim De La Haye
De La Haye is one busy Junglette, also managing the Brizbass event mailing list and local broken-beat website that she founded in September 2008, and regularly playing hip hop, funk/soul, house, disco, garage and reggae sets as well, as a resident DJ of Junkyard Sessions, Rumpus Room, Rum Jungle, M ...

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