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Stop Making Sense Festival 09.05.2012
Stop Making Sense are super chuffed to have yoga on site this year! After a strenuous night of excessive fun, there'll be a time to relax and find a little zen time on Croatia's picturesque shoreline. Violeta Misic lives in London and devotes her summers to teaching yoga. She began studying yoga dur ...

Stop Making Sense Festival 08.05.2012
The Correspondents
The Correspondents Mr Bruce and Chucks find it difficult to explain exactly what music they make. Into the mixing pot Chucks throws a history of dance music from Jazz to 60's Beat, Electro to Dubstep to Drum'n'Bass, and then back again. Seasoned with Mr Bruce's vocals depicting the trials and error ...

Stop Making Sense Festival 04.05.2012
Adrian Sherwood
ADRIAN SHERWOOD For more than three decades, Adrian Sherwood has been quite probably Britain's finest and most consistently ground-breaking producer. In the process, he has wrought his wizardly magic upon such internationally acclaimed artists as Blur, Nine Inch Nails, Sinead O'Connor, The Cure and ...

Stop Making Sense Festival 04.05.2012
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Stop Making Sense Festival 04.05.2012
Cine A.m.
CINE A.M. is an alternative late night area at Stop Making Sense festival that revitalises the "chill out' space of early club culture. Featuring bespoke live audio/visual performances from Anomalous Visuals and working around the elemental themes of LIFE//SPACE//CHAOS, each night presents a new ae ...

Stop Making Sense Festival 17.04.2012
STOP MAKING SENSE MEDIA PARTNERS Acclaimed by the New Yorker as "music website of the year" and by The Guardian as the "most influential", FACTMAG.COM is updated daily from London and New York with latest music news, reviews and exclusive free new music and has become famed worldwide for showcasin ...

Stop Making Sense Festival 16.04.2012
And here we have a map of the festival site so you can start getting an idea of how things are looking. Just a heads up, get cracking on booking up your accommodation! More details over here. And if you haven't already listened to this wicked interview with Dubmaster Sherwood - I suggest you do - h ...

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