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Stop Making Sense Festival 27.02.2013

Stop Making Sense Festival 27.02.2013
BRAIDEN Until comparatively recently, Braiden was a rare thing in the modern scene - a DJ first and foremost. Since first starting 7 years ago, the man's goal has been to "create something from the individual tracks, use them as tools I suppose. I always had this approach to DJing soon as I started ...

Stop Making Sense Festival 13.02.2013
PODPADS at The Garden, Tisno These are just the cutest. Onsite, so you're close to all the fun, helluva lot more convenient & comfy than camping, and there's a pad to suit your every need. Check out details below & sort your accommodation quick (limited spaces)! TO BOOK NOW CLICK HERE OPTIO ...

Stop Making Sense Festival 12.02.2013
Press Quotes
Press Quotes A perfect balance between partying and holidaying in veritable bliss - Crack Magazine As the sun rose behind the hills, people sought shade beneath nearby pine trees, lounging on rocks in a kind of pleasant afterparty glow, capping off one ...

Stop Making Sense Festival 30.01.2013
Orlando Boom
GUEST: TBC RESIDENTS: KIWI / ORLANDO BOOM DJs Orlando Boom is a beloved staple on the east London club scene. A standout mix of guests, the OB DJs eclectic tastes and a true passion for club culture is what make their club standout from the crowd. Whether it's home in London or elsewhere it is alway ...

Stop Making Sense Festival 25.01.2013
YOGA AT STOP MAKING SENSE 2O13 After a vigorous night of excessive dancing there will be time during the day to experience some relaxation with Violeta's yoga and meditation classes. Violeta Misic is a registered yoga teacher and licensed Acupuncturist. She trained physical theatre in London with t ...

Stop Making Sense Festival 25.01.2013
Electric Minds
GUEST: MANO LE TOUGH RESIDENT: DOLAN BERGIN Record Label and prolific London based party; house & techno are order of the day. Since starting life in 2005 electric minds have firmly established themselves as one of London's leading underground parties / record labels. The record label has rel ...

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