Reminisce Hosted By Dj Bailey - Ep.1 John B

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September has arrived and yet all we can do is dream of the blue Sardinian skies and sea-surfing basslines. The music and memories we have created collectively will linger in our hearts this September as we wait for our big return. After all, our bond has been forged over a shared love of this music, this island, the food, and the people we meet along the way.

Hence, we asked the one who climbed the Ambra Night Hill with us all the past editions, could a string of interviews bring us together?
So, drumroll your host DJ Bailey to revisit the past, feel the present and get a glimpse of the future by meeting with his surprise guests.

SUNANDBASS Reminisce 01 - John B from SUNANDBASS.

Let's reminisce about SUNANDBASS with DJ Bailey!

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