Dewolff / Psychedelic Blues Rock Aus Den Niederlanden Rid-2016

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Unsere Freitags-Headliner sind in diesem Jahr DeWolff aus den Niederlanden.

DeWolff is a three-headed rock 'n roll monster from the Netherlands' Deep South: it's a fire-breathing love child of the great Rock bands from the 1970's and psychedelic cosmic radiation from the future. DeWolff was formed in 2007 by singer/guitarist Pablo van de Poel, brother/drummer Luka van de Poel and Hammond organist Robin Piso, and has grown to be one of the greatest live acts around. It's Leon Russell meets Deep Purple, Black Keys meet Allman Brothers. But above all, DeWolff sounds like DeWolff; an old soul in a young body; an eccentric and very hard-rocking young band that has already released 6 studio albums and a live album. Seeing DeWolff live is an experience one will never forget: it's a mixture of inexhaustible energy, great musicianship, contagious enthusiasm and a play-like-it's-your-last-show-mentality that seems pretty rare nowadays.


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