Neurosis Live At Roadburn 2007 Details Announced

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Neurot Recordings proudly unveil a brand new live album from Neurosis, who are undoubtedly cited as one of the most influential bands of heavy music?s experimental underworld.

The first release from Neurosis since 2007?s Given to the Rising, this new live album was recorded that same year in Tilburg, Holland, at the annual Roadburn Festival, where Neurosis headlined to a die-hard audience. The album expertly captures as much of the band?s live experience as one possibly could on a physical recording, harnessing the monolithic flow and power of the band?s well-known sonically devastating live performances. The monstrous 78-minute record showcases this iconic band surging through hymns from their last few albums, including Given To The Rising, The Eye Of Every Storm, A Sun That Never Sets, and Through Silver In Blood.

Live At Roadburn will see official release on August 30, 2010, alongside the reissue of Neurosis? groundbreaking 1993 release Enemy Of The Sun. The ?Roadburn release features the iconic artwork / layout skills of visionary artist / Neurosis live visual master Josh Graham, also responsible for the redesigned Enemy Of The Sun layout. Both albums will be released on CD worldwide August 30th, 2010, part of this year?s celebration of the 25th anniversary of the legendary act.

Live At Roadburn 2007 Track List:
1. Given to the Rising
2. Burn
3. A Season in the Sky
4. At the End of the Road
5. Crawl Back In
6. Distill
7. Water Is Not Enough
8. Left to Wander
9. The Doorway

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