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This is your last chance to buy a ticket for NorthSide 2015

If you would like to spend a weekend with The Black Keys, Wu-Tang Clan, Alt-J, Antony and the Johnsons, and more than 30.000 happy guests and volunteers in Aarhus, Denmark, you should buy your ticket for NorthSide 2015 today, because it won't be long before the event is sold out.

- NorthSide was sold out the last two years, and since a beautiful hat-trick is coming closer and closer we encourage people to not put off buying a ticket any longer. There aren't that many tickets left and it would be a shame to miss out on the greatest weekend of the year, just because you waited a bit too long.

These are the words from a happy NorthSide spokesman, John Fogde, who is excited to soon be able to open the doors to the sixth edition of the Danish festival.

One-day-tickets for Friday and Saturday are long gone, but if you only have time to come for one day there are still a few tickets left for Sunday, where The Black Keys will close the festival after shows from Interpol, Ben Howard, George Ezra, and many others.

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