Eddie Halliwell Presents?ed-it

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International superstar DJ, Eddie Halliwell is to showcase his ED-IT performance once again at the sell out Creamfields 2010.

This festival exclusive will see Eddie raise the benchmark with his production as he combines his technical wizardry with a full stage show that includes customised special effects and visual production. This will be the ultimate DJ experience, taking listeners on an aural and visual journey, set to be one of the highlights of this years festival.

As well as the spectacular visual show, the new ED-IT series consists of the most cutting edge technology, enabling Eddie to manipulate, remix and re-edit tracks live on stage to offer a totally unique experience at each and every performance.

Eddie said: ?I showcased ED-IT at Creamfields for the first time last year, it was phenomenal. The reaction and atmosphere in that arena was off the scale, so I can?t wait to perform again ? ED-IT is the ultimate DJ platform, allowing me to be more creative than ever with my sets, both musically and visually. We are giving it even more fire that you require this year!?

Check out this video of Eddie’s set from Creamfields last year.

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