Connection Festival 2014

From: 02.10.2014 To: 06.10.2014
Das Festival war vor 2921 days

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Welcome to Connection Festival. Red Dust and the whole Connection Festival Crew is delighted to announce that we are working hard to make Connection 2014 another unforgettable gathering ...Stay tuned... Stay connected!

We celebrate the end of summer looking for connect with all the people. Connection it's the Last Festival of the Season so we want to make a magical experience with this Gathering.

5 Days dancing with Psy/Goa Trance... and the special gift for all your souls... The Suntrip Day. Sunday will be Goa day with many of the best Goa Trance Artists in the world.

Genre: Psytrance, Goa, Chill ....
Category: Goa Festivals - Elektronische Festivals
Admission: AK 69 €
Location: Batan de las Monjas
Postcode: 41388
City: San Nicolás del Puerto
Country: Spanien


California Sunshine, Transwave, Etnica, Absolum, Filteria, Pleiadians, Alienapia, Quantica, The Muses Rapt, Champa, Pan Papason, Nebula Meltdown, Morphic Resonance, Hypnoxock, Ex-Gen, Dejavoo, Ajna, Lupin, Antares, Juggling, The Darkface, Boom Shankar, Dany De Jota, Anoebis, Sati, Psara, Djane Jana, Dj Toxic, Lord Flames, Obit, Biofa, Hell Blau, Alex Soph, Lisergio, Dj Hase, Arabians, Dj TB, Lynx, Ohm Mind, Exogen, Matt Loraine, Fran Dj, César Mimesis, Mush Effect, ONS, Psytotix vs. Saylback, Imox Maya, Chiko, Benbass vs. E-Nigma, Moontrip, Superspunk, Cels Mimesis, Lull, Chik'm, Chimbo, Corthes, Diplodocus, Translucid, Psygroo, Zymosis, Green Beats, E-Mantra, The Muses Rapt aka Juan Verdera, Om Garuda, Pavane, Pi Paradox, Rodminus, Pieter Pan, Psyweone, Manito, Disciple Of The Opium, Joyfull Natives, Italosafari, Kala Hari, Phonophora, Goa Spirit, RobॐPsY, Bahr Mimesis, Manionic, Forest Bam, Luka, Toxik Boy, Zel Zx

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Connection Festival Connection Festival

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