9th Meeting Of Technology Based Art Spaces And Curators In Berlin

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Public Art Lab hosted the last reSource meeting on Monday 3 June and gathered a nice group of people to discuss forms of collaboration and communication with the public. Read the full review of the event

Another reSource event took place on Monday 3 June. This 9th meeting of Technology Based Art Spaces and Curators in Berlin was hosted by Public Art Lab.


The main puropose of the meeting was an interdisciplinary discussion on urban media art where all the participants would have the opportunity to express their opinions in order to produce a constructive roundtable dialogue.


After a very interesting presentation about Public Art Lab's international project named Connecting Cities, people were asked to take part in a different kind of workshop based on Walt Disney's brainstorming method which is divided in three distinct parts: the dreamer,the realist and the critic.


That proved to be a great motivation for everybody to bring out thoughts and ideas about forms of collaboration and communication with the public which moved the discussion to the necessity of an independent common art network. On that issue, participants shared their individual visions and opinions about the form of this platform and its aim.


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