Bandlab At The Great Escape 2023

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BandLab is thrilled to partner with the FIRST FIFTY and The Great Escape, highlighting the most exciting emerging artists around and providing an opportunity for innovative music creators to be part of the UK's most exciting and eclectic new music festival.

BandLab's vision is simple: A future where there are no boundaries to making and sharing music.

BandLab is the next-generation social music creation platform on a mission to break down the technical, geographic, and creative barriers for musicians and fans.

Free-to-use, the mobile-first cross-platform DAW and social network, unites the entire creator journey into one place, boasting a suite of features and tools for creators to make music, share their music with fans, and earn a living.

To find out why over 50 million creators love and use BandLab, visit or sign up for free on the App Store or Google Play.

BandLab is the flagship product of BandLab Technologies, which also includes professional-level digital audio workstation, Cakewalk, and artist services platform, ReverbNation.

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