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With a residency at the legendary Moscow club ARMA17, that she holds to this day, Nastia founded the Propaganda brand in 2010 for her radio show, and in 2013 she was well placed to begin her own record label of the same name. The label has been steadily releasing a stream of credible but diverse productions ever since, coming from Nastia's favourite new artists that she discovers on her travels and whilst crate digging.


1)  What tunes are you listening to at the moment and why?

I am listening only to demos people send for my label now. I am 100% focused on that. Also I am working on my Scary Beautiful project, all the demos I selected I have played there and now we have premieres each Tuesday, so from one Tuesday to another I am listening to those unreleased jams


2) From your perspective, how have things changed for womxn in the drumandbass community in recent years? What would be your hopes going forward?

Things changed for women in all genres and communities. Less sexism, women have more power now than before. They feel more confident and secure because some institutions that could protect and support them started to work. Now it's time for more opportunities. 


3) 2020 has been a tough year for a lot of us, has it affected your creative output in any way? Is there something that you learned or rediscovered about yourself during this time? 

2020 has been the best year of the last decade for me. I have learnt so much and I am absolutely happy with my new experience. I finally had enough time to spend with my family, to sleep enough and release my ideas. Creatively I have been really good: started 2 new projects, found a way to make my labels stronger and did a few really cool unusual live streaming sets. I did a lot for Ukrainian scene this year - this is my goal. Now I feel myself stronger than ever. I know how to run the label completely myself, I know how to be a real promoter from the first  step to the last one, I know how to work with sponsors and how to make my projects  successful, and I remembered how to live  a normal life ? The only one thing was missing - I didn't make much money and I am grateful to my husband Sergey for helping and supporting me. 


5) Is there anything else you"d like to add?

This year has been a huge step out of the comfort zone for all of us and only we could do is to learn and act. I hope those who struggled will get the peace in their souls and minds very soon. Those who are progressive will make our world more creative and interesting. Pandemic is a great  lesson in many ways, it's a challenge for everyone, we should get  the best  of it,  keep your mind positive and Universe will take care of the rest


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