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It's September, we should all be in San Teodoro right now. Even though SUNANDBASS cannot happen,  we are still dreaming of San Teodoro this month. It's much harder to do nothing this year than we had anticipated, we miss you all dearly!

If you feel the same, then keep an eye on this page for SUNANDBASS music recommendations, updates, stories from San Teodoro and maybe even recipes!

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Ambra Day:

If you walk through San Teodoro you will see a funny mix of locals, SUNANDBASS fans and tourists! You check out all little stands and you end obviously - in front of Ambra Day, where Tourists peek inside wondering what that is all about. On the stage in the back is a drum and bass live show running big! Fellow sunandbass crew filling the whole space and in between Italian families (including the grannies) all dance along, everyone is welcome. Who's your dance partner?


La Cinta


Soft white sand, soul warming sunshine, gentle waves and a salty breeze gentle waves and the salty breeze! This is our little slice of paridase La Cinta. As you join the crowd it's almost meditative as the music begins to play. Who is with us?

Bal Harbour

These incredible pictures are instantly recognisable! It is our little paradise and don't we all feel so at home there. Pure exclusivity! The music is pumping, everybody dancing and singing along. What are you singing?

Ambra Night





Yeeeeeeaaahh, the moment everyone's waited for, the official start of SUNANDBASS, the most anticipated opening of Ambra Night. It's pleasantly warm, you had a great dinner with your friends and everything just falls in place... There's a sea of people waiting in line, but you're quickly inside equipped with your wristband already. Inside, you take a deep breath. What are your Ambra Night memories?


Al Faro

Yep, it was a long night at La Posta yesterday. But nothing will make you check in at the you walk to the beach and laugh at the sight of good old Al Faro, it's still looks the same from back during the SUNANDBASS raves. From the wild times. You make it in time to the counter, wristband looks great on your wrist and then you head to the bar. What will you order?

Friday Night at La Posta

Fresh from the plane you step into the Italian "dolce vita'. Everybody is out and about in this warm summer night, and surely you follow the beats to @barLaPosta. There is a fabulous selection of tracks being played on the strangest thin sound system but it is always a night to remember. As soon as you step closer to the overcrowded place someone says to you: "welcome I was hoping to see you here!" Who is it? #sunandbass2020

Introduction to SUNANDBASS 2020 Storytelling

It's September, we should all be in San Teodoro right now. In our vivid minds we are dream walking in San Teodoro today and our bumping hearts and playful souls fuel this imagination. It's much harder to do nothing this year than we had anticipated, we miss you all dearly. So we thought why not dream and collectively reimagine the past and the future together? Do you miss SUNANDBASS as well, then join us and tell us your SUNANDBASS stories and pics

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