#100 - Dlr

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We've only bloody hit#100! Thanks to everyone that's been with us from the start, and if you haven't, well you have plenty to catch up on - and what better a time for it.
To celebrate, we've got a right lippy little gobshite of a mix from ever-brilliant DLR. Skanking it's way across your stereoscape, DLR has provided an asbolute stinker for us. If this doesnt make you wanna bust out of lockdown for a dancefloor sweat-out, well, we'll just give up now.
This month is Sofa King Sick LP month, a VA LP consisting of artists from over 8 different countries, many different dnb styles and sounds, a quality selection of beats and bass.
Sampler 1 is out now - DLR, Script & MC Fokus - Perception // Thematic - TDM -fanlink.to/ssdigi011
DLR is otherwise working on a plethora of projects, from The Sauce Recordings & Sofa Sound, to an exciting, and fitting project to raise money-for, and awareness-of hate crimes and racism.
He's a good egg. We like him.


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