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What if you could watch and hear a few hours of Goldie, Dom & Roland, Ulterior Motive, Skeptical featuring Collette Warren all hosted by MC Lowqui and MC 2Shy?

On Wednesday 15th August from 7pm to midnight (GMT) DNBTV  joins forces with Sun and Bass to stream an exclusive live show...

D&BTV Live #209:

Sun & Bass 2012 Warmup Party

Streaming live performances by some of the 2012 SUNANDBASS artists from an East London location:

Skeptical featuring Collette Warren
Ulterior Motive
MC Lowqui
MC 2Shy

If you have entered our DJ Competition, then make sure you listen to the stream as the 6 finalists will be announced live.

There are limited seats to attend this live stream. Get involved and check UKF Live

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