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Sunandbass Festival 04.12.2020
Dj Strife
Q. What tunes are you listening to at the moment and why? A. A couple of tunes that have moved my spirit lately have to include: L-Side & GQ "Zagga Dan", Critycal Dub & L-Side "Original Don", Jappa "Clash", Ben Soundscape "See a Shadow". Each one of these tracks pretty much embody the sound ...

Sunandbass Festival 03.12.2020
As you do, when you get to 18, nights out up town become regular. Whilst enjoying the night, the part I enjoyed the most was the token 3 Drum and Bass tracks they would play right at the end... usually consisting of Original Nutta, Chopper and Pendulum - Slam/ Tarantula. My friend from secondary sc ...

Sunandbass Festival 02.12.2020
With an ever growing arsenal of original productions, a host of exclusive tunes from the hottest producers around the world, all held down by meticulous mixing and track selection, Iris is a force to be reckoned with. Q. What tunes are you listening to at the moment and why? A. One thing I've notic ...

Sunandbass Festival 01.12.2020
We were happy to catch up with Lens recently to see how she's been: Q. How did you get into drumandbass? A. I first got into drum and bass from going to raves in Brighton in my teens. My first gig was seeing DJ fresh, I'd only heard his mainstream tracks on the radio and had no idea what to expect. ...

Sunandbass Festival 06.11.2020
#104 - Jumping Jack Frost
ENERGY. Something I think we need a little of heading into Winter (at least for us Europeans)  And for many, LOCKDOWN-2, electric avenue. This couldnt really have been a better time for a mix like this from longstanding SUNANDBASS resident Jumping Jack Frost. Strap on a pair of trainers and go pound ...

Sunandbass Festival 19.10.2020
Support Your Clubculture
These past months have changed our lives unexpectedly, leaving many out of work for the foreseeable future. Although we miss our nightlife; dancing and dissolving into the crowds under a fresh beat... cramming dozens of people into a club right now is like dropping a lit match in the woods during f ...

Sunandbass Festival 14.10.2020
#103 - Dj Bucato
Now this, is an exciting one to introduce - it's the original vermentino bubbler, San Teodoro's fix-up ya troubler, simply none other, it's the Prince of Sardegna, the festival's champion, it's Sir. Stefano. Sechi.... Sechi has emptied his heart into his 1210's on this one, it's an all vinyl 93-97 J ...

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