Americana Uk / Interview: Dietmar Leibecke Of The Static Roots Festival

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Interview: Dietmar Leibecke of The Static Roots Festival

"At AUK we've mentioned before a couple of the newer and smaller festivals which have been popping up in recent years. Dietmar Leibecke from Germany, a towering figure on the European Americana circuit (in all senses of the term), is getting increasing recognition for the popularity of the music festival he started in 2016 - Static Roots. A nicer and more self-effacing individual you'd probably also be harder pushed to find. Ahead of the Static Roots Festival which takes place in Oberhausen on the 12th and 13th of July, Dietmar spoke to Mark Underwood of AUK about the joys of house concerts, his abiding passion for music and his love for the Americana community."

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