Dear Reader And Girls In Hawaii Join The Lineup

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Belgian indie pop outfit Girls in Hawaii formed in 2000 and the group's heady blend of neo-psychedelic pop and alternative rock drew comparisons to Grandaddy, the Flaming Lips, and Blonde Redhead in the French media, and by 2002 the band had signed with Brussels-based 62TV Records. Girls in Hawaii released "From Here to There" in 2003, followed by "Plan Your Escape" in 2008. The band offers a pure and atmospheric music, with pop notes, but with the electronic mind. The melodies are terribly efficient. Now, Girls In Hawaii is happy to announce that they've started to work on new album.

The young artist from Johannesburg, South Africa, will introduce you to her intimate universe with the enchanting music of her new album "Rivonia". Cherilyn MacNeil is a singer, compositor and songwriter and will come to Luxembourg with a new album full of charm. With a voice comparable to Kate Bush, she will surprise you and bring you closer to her world of pop and folk pleasure. Her latest record "Rivonia" includes original songs and a whole lot of South African history. After the dense textures of 2010's Brent Knopf helmed "Idealistic Animals," MacNeil chose to focus on a few key elements: voice, piano, percussion and recorded much of the album in her own apartment, bringing in friends to perform the parts she'd constructed alone with little more than her voice.

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