Two Exciting Keynotes Confirmed

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Keynote by Stuart Worthington (IMMF and MMF Training)?
Friday from 6:30 to 7:30 PM

Specialising in the music industry, from 1997 to 2007, Stuart Worthington worked as Head of Training & Education for the Music Managers' Forum in the UK. Since then, and to date he continues to work with several chapters of the IMMF (the international umbrella organisation now incorporates 18 chapters in 17 territories). For the past eight years Stuart has also worked with both MMF UK and MPA to design, develop and deliver annual Professional Development Programmes in both Music Artist Management and Music Publishing aimed at personnel & practitioners ranging from new entrants to senior management and legal & financial professionals.

During his keynote Stuart will give an overview of today's music industry landscape to discuss the exciting opportunities for artists and their central role - as the main asset of the whole music industry - in working with a creative team to determine their own creative business direction. Stuart will look at the changing roles of artists' business partners (manager, agent, PR, etc.) at key stages in the (artistic and economic) development of an artist's career and vision.

Keynote by Carl Blom (CEO Flagstone Sweden & Chair Music Managers Forum Sweden)
?Saturday from 6:00 to 7:00 PM

Carl Blom started as a lawyer at one of Swedens bigger commercial law firms. He came to work for Petri H. Lundén at Talent Trust (The Cardigans, Europe and more) and started his own firm Flagstone in 2001. Flagstone was soon to represent many of Swedens leading rock bands internationally including The Hives (legal), The Soundtrack Of Our Lives (legal) and Mando Diao (management). Today, Flagstone represents artists, producers and writers in all genres and is a creative force in developing new media-, pr- and marketing solutions for artists and brands. Flagstone's new management signings includes The Royal Concept, Karin Park, Milano Sun, Sparse and producer Christoffer Berg (The Knife, Fever Ray, Depeche Mode). Flagstone is based in Gothenburg, Sweden.??

During his keynote, Carl will share his thoughts about the role of the manager in the development of an artist's career and the criteria for working with an artist or band. He will also discuss the relation between the artist and the manager and some more technical topics such as the different revenue streams and income models and certain legal aspects of the manager's work.

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