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This year Sónar will be more active than ever on social media, broadcasting photos and videos, information and updates from the festival as well as great content from our media partners. Follow and interact with us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, Foursqaure and Google+ to share in the best of the festival: from wherever you are.

will be the festivals defacto content hub: Daily shoutouts from Sónar 2015 artists, and a twice daily roundup of the best moments from Sónar and Sónar+D.

Photos to take your breath away, live shots of the biggest artists, stage information, headliners and you! Follow the Sónar and Sónar+D accounts and post with #sonar2015 and the ones below.

Follow the festival live at @sonarfestival and @sonarplusd for breaking news and important festival information. We'll also be live tweeting the biggest shows. Follow the action from wherever you are with #sonarlive. Tweet us directly or interact using the following #hashtags:
#Sonariscoming - Let us know how you're getting ready for Sónar2015!
#Sonardiscovery - As well as being very disco, Sónar is a treat for those with an open mind. From the incredible large scale installation at SonarPLANTA to the tech products of the future at Sonar+D's MarketLAB or the surprising gourmet food options, tell us about your biggest discoveries at #Sónar2015
#sonarbyday and #sonarbynight. The festival's two venues and multiple stages offer a very different experience.
Tell the world about yours, and tweet using #SonarVillage, #SonarDome, #SonarHall, #SonarComplex #SonarClub #SonarCar and #SonarPub
For Sónar +D activities, use the following: #MarketLab, #Talk, #Workshop, #MeetTheExpert, #Presentation, #LiveDemo, #Project, #Installation, #MusicHackDay and #Techshow

Sónar will be debuting on Snapchat this year, giving you a new way to communicate with your friends and us during the festival. We'll be creating a Snapchat Story with the best of the snaps sent to sonarfestival, as well as important festival information and more.

Boards updated everyday.

Find your friends at the updated check in points, Sónar by Day and Sónar by Night.

Daily photo galleries and round ups of all the action at Sónar and Sónar+D.

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