Sónar And Sónar+d To Broadcast Part Of Their Program Live

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Culturebox is the French national television streaming platform dedicated to culture and digital art: music, cinema, exhibitions, theatre, literature, fashion, dance, opera ... Culturebox broadcasts for free more than 500 concerts and shows throughout the year, both live and via an on-demand service for several months after the initial broadcast.

In partnership with the festival, the French platform will broadcast more than 35 complete Sónar 2015 concerts live, and will offer content via Video On Demand after the festival. The live stream will be available worldwide through the Culturebox website, Sónar's website and several of the festival's main media partners.

Check the schedule here


The online iCat.cat station will once again broadcast the best live performances of Sónar 2015, including more than 50 concerts and dj sets, both from Sónar by Day and Sónar by Night. Just connect to the Sónar or iCat.cat website and calmly enjoy the festival from wherever you are.

Check the schedule here


Several of the most important talks at Sónar+D, the International Congress on Technology and Creativity held on the same days as Sónar, will be broadcast live on the Sónar+D website.

Check the schedule here

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