Sponsors At Sónar 2015

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These are the activities provided by Sónar Barcelona sponsors during the festival:

Estrella Damm: This year Estrella Damm will introduce a new space in which festival goer's and their friends will be able to take a panoramic photo overlooking SonarVillage, allowing them to capture a fantastic moment at Sónar 2015. They will also hold a raffle for Sónar 2016 tickets for those who participate.

Red Bull Music Academy: Emerging artists, quality and experimentation are some of the adjectives that best describe the Sónar by Day 2015 line-up curated by Red Bull Music Academy. Once again they will provide their annual showcase behind the blue curtains, transporting the audience to the unique and indispensable universe of the now infamous Academy.

Absolut: Absolut present Absolut Nights, two innovative spaces for the VIP area at ??Sónar by Night, where you can relax, share and amaze. Because each night is yours to create.

adidas: As in previous years, adidas Originals and Sónar have teamed up to design the Sónar 2015 bag, which will be given to all accredited festival professionals.

Movistar: For Sónar by Day, Movistar has created a fun and unforgettable experience: a swimming pool of balls. In addition to the pleasure of diving into a pool such as this, all jumps will be recorded in slow motion, so participants can share them on social networks.

Pioneer Dj: Pioneer Dj presents a fusion of technologies with the demo session "Analog meets digital" to be held on Saturday 20 at 5:15 p.m. on the Mazda Rebels +D Stage, featuring Dj Big Mil.

GoPro: GoPro, worlds most versatile camera, comes to Sonar with two great activations to give you the maximum chance to win a GoPro Hero4 or get your hands on some other GoPro GiveAways. Go and search for the GoPro Girls or visit the GoPro booth to find out more about your chance to win.

Coca Cola: Coca-Cola presents the Coke&Roll zone, a space in which to experience the festival in a different manner. An elegant atmosphere will see specialized bartenders prepare extraordinary cocktails from a wide range of options.

Control: This year Control will give away more than 30,000 condom samples to festival goers at Sónar by Night. Enjoy yourself!

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