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Sónar+D is the international congress organized by Sónar focusing on the digital transformation of the creative industries, and aiming to foster talent, promote the exchange of knowledge and facilitate business opportunities. The Sónar+D line-up has a very clear theme - "Creativity, Technology and Business" and it also covers all areas of the creative process, from the inception of an idea until its presentation to the public, through the prototyping and financing phases, thus providing a 360° overview. What may this year be presented as an experiment, an idea in development or a prototype, may well be seen the following year on one of the many Sónar stages.

The range of activities at Sónar+D is extensive and varied: lectures, round tables, workshops, training activities, sound installations, tech-shows and presentations of new devices and products. The MarketLab area and the installations are open to all the audience of Sónar by Day, the keynotes at the Sónar+D main stage have preferential access for accreditation holders, with free access for the rest of the audience until seating capacity is filled. The activities co-organized with Filmin are exclusive for accreditation holders.

MarketLab, the nerve centre of Sónar+D

MarketLab is the Sónar+D space where the future can be seen - it is perfect for discovering amazing interactive prototypes, new musical instruments and the processes that lead to some of the most advanced products and experiences in the technological and digital market. MarketLab is attended by creative laboratories and the most innovative university departments such as Berklee, Royal College of Art, Queen Mary, La Salle, IED and the Polytechnic University of Valencia, as well as leading brands in the development of the most advanced music devices.

Digital creative platforms take centre this year at Sónar+D

Kickstarter, Vimeo, Pinterest, littleBits, Arduino and Google Creative Labs will be represented by their creative managers, who will use keynotes, workshops and consulting sessions to share their experiences and methodologies. These platforms are in themselves an important source of user-created content, and have a community of fans around them who are committed to fostering creativity, who are at the forefront of technology and as a platform and service for its users they are Internet-based business models that are fully profitable.

Tech-Shows: innovation, experimentation and audiovisual magic

Sónar+D stretches its tentacles and invades the Sónar stages with its tech-shows, shows in which sounds and images come together and coexist in perfect balance. The music is not more important than the image, and in some cases the visual artist behind the graphics, lighting sets and mechanical devices in a tech-show is as famous as the musician accompanying them, or even more so. This is the case for example with Joanie Lemercier, who with the musician James Ginzburg will be premiering her show "Blueprint", and Emmanuel Biard, the artist behind the visual magic in the shows by Koreless and Evian Christ.

Workshops: learn by playing

Sónar+D is also the perfect place to familiarize yourself with how the most popular creative technologies work at its workshops. What do a musical instrument, a video installation and a satellite have in common? They may be produced using Arduino, which will be present at the festival with a workshop for creating musical instruments presented by David Cuartielles and Alessandro Contini. littleBits, the platform that brings electronics to the general public, will also be giving us a workshop, in this case at Caixaforum. For audiophiles, the must-attend workshops are those on Oscillating Cities and Build Your Mute Synth II - two perfect opportunities to get your hands dirty at Sónar+D.

Innovation and risk in the most narrative audiovisual forms

The fullest dimension of the audiovisual world plays a key role at Sónar+D. Filmin and Sónar+D have organized a series of lectures featuring some of the most innovative voices on today's film scene, including Jim Kolmar (SXSW) Rutger Wolfson and Juan Daniel F.Molero (Rotterdam Festival); and the experimental filmmaker Thorsten Fleisch, among many others. Sound experimenters who found their niche in cinema like Jacob Kirkegaard and the Bohman brothers with Richard Thomas, will be talking about how they collect the sounds that form part of their compositions for soundtracks.

Virtual Reality: films are no longer seen - they are lived.

Virtual reality - a genuine highlight this year because of its imminent emergence in the consumer market, has a space for the first time: Realities+D, the place to discover the most interesting experiences produced with this audiovisual technology, represented by two of its pioneering platforms: Oculus Rift and Samsung. The essential "data artist" Aaron Koblin, and the filmmaker behind the most innovative experiences in music videos, Chris Milk, will be presenting VRSE, their commitment to virtual reality in a head-to-head lecture.

Ideas and reflections on digital culture

Sónar+D is also a space for exchanging ideas, and the European Commission is organizing the " Workhsop on Open Digital Science and Art" an open symposium which brings together some of the most cutting edge initiatives in Europe dedicated to research, art, technology and culture, including Waag Society (Netherlands), Future Everything (UK) and CaixaForum (Spain), among others. There is also a discussion of how technology can help understand the musical production of other cultures, in " De-westernalizing Music through Technology," where Xavier Serra (Music Technology Group), Ariel Tagar (Kalbata) and Peter Kirn (Create Digital Music) will talk about how to create technology that truly represents non-Western processes of making music.

Benchmarks in creativity

Two living legends, Arthur Baker and Bruce Sterling, will also be present at Sónar+D. The former will be presenting his documentary about the Roland 808 drum machine, an essential tool for understanding the music of the past 3 decades. Meanwhile, Sterling - a sci-fi writer, journalist, visionary and an indispensable voice for understanding the digital world - will close the festival with a lecture in which he will talk about his latest obsessions and give us some clues about what awaits us in the near future.

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