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Sónar will be offering extensive live coverage via its social networks, and its followers will be able to enjoy real time updates, a blog, practical information and images fresh from the festival, taken live from the various stages.

The content that you will be able to follow on our social networks is as follows:

Facebook: two blogs posted every day (one from Sónar and the other from Sónar+D), giving details about everything happening at the festival on a day by day basis. Galleries with the best photos will also be uploaded, with daily galleries from Sónar by Day, Sónar by Night and Sónar+D.

Google+: as on Facebook, two blogs and galleries updated daily for Sónar and Sónar+D.

Instagram: the festival can be followed live with the best photos from the live shows and backstage areas via the festival's official profile, @sonarfestival, and the hashtags listed below.

Twitter: as with Instagram, you can follow everything that happens in the festival live via the festival's official account, @sonarfestival, and the Sónar+D account, @Sonar_D.

You can follow the festival live on both Twitter and Instagram using the official hashtags: #sonar2014, #sonarbarcelona, #sonarbyday, #sonarbynight and #SonarD.
You can also follow what happens on each stage using the hashtags for each one: #SonarVillage, #SonarDome, #SonarHall, #SonarComplex, #SonarClub, #SonarLab, #SonarCar and #SonarPub.
For Sónar+D, hashtags for each of the following activities will also be used: #MarketLab, #AppCafe, #SonarCinema, #Talk #Workshop, #MeetTheExpert, #Presentation, #LiveDemo, #Project, #Installation, #MusicHackDay and #TechShow.

Pinterest: daily update of boards for shows and audiences.

Tumblr: will be updated with blogs from Sónar and Sónar+D.

Foursquare: activation of official check-ins so that users can find each other and can locate friends nearby.

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