Sónar Heads Down To The Metro With Downliners Sekt

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Once again this year, Sónar takes the Barcelona Metro for a free appetizer concert, less than a week before the festival starts.

The featured artists this year are Downliners Sekt, with a live show containing intricate electronica with powerful sub-bass and nods to the future, which will take place at 7 pm on Friday 6 June, in the lobby of Universitat station (Metro lines 1 and 2).

Pere Solé and Fabrizio Rizzin have taken a giant step forward this year with the release of "Silent Ascent" (Infiné, 2014), their third LP which has earned them well-deserved general audience and press recognition, and given a significant international profile. "Silent Ascent" is both the beginning of a new direction and the culmination of the work they began on the Disboot label with their previous 3 EPs ("Hello Lonely, Hold The Nation," "We Make Hits Not The Public" and "Meet The Decline"). During these four years, the Catalan-French duo has perfected a completely recognizable and personal sound, deep and rich in textures, which contains elements of techno, ambient, dub, bass music, art and anti-conventional house.

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