19 Applications At Appcafé And Various Activities On Stage+d 1 At Sónar+d

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The nineteen most creative and innovative applications for mobiles in recent months can be tried out at the user's leisure at AppCafé, one of the interactive areas at Sónar+D. They include Polyfauna, developed by the renowned Universal Everything studio with the British band Radiohead; The Bermuda Tapes, an interactive album that sheds light on a particular time in John Lennon's life, using the material - so far unreleased - that he created on his visit to Bermuda; Audiosnaps, which can record 5 seconds of sound while you are taking a picture, and then stores it all in a single file for sharing via social networks; and Shadow, an alarm clock which allows us to record our dreams and share them with others.

All these apps and some others (such as Quicks, Drei and 1000 Hands) will be presented by their developers on the Stage+D 1, the stage next to the AppCafé, on floor 0 of the Palau de Congressos. This space, one of the new features at Sónar+D in 2014, will host various conferences (Women Hackers, GiantSteps) demos (Gramofon, Playmoss) and live performances of projects by MarketLab (Kunstuniversität Linz, Berklee Technology Innovation Lab), among other activities.

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