Technology And Creativity Shows At Sónar 2014

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As well as music, hedonism and the promotion of local talent, technology has been an integral part of Sónar since its inception. A large number of the festival shows have been designed in order to showcase the endless possibilities of technology applied to creativity, in its formation and stage implementation. Sónar 2014 follows in this tradition, connecting several shows from Sónar by Day and Sónar by Night line-up with the core values ??and content from Sónar+D.

Plastikman | Objekt :: Richie Hawtin has always remained a step ahead of the game with his trailblazing use of technology. This year he will perform twice, with one of his amazing surgical sets at Sónar by Night and, principally, with the European premiere of his new show as Plastikman, including an interactive visual sculpture designed especially for the occasion.

Daito Manabe :: The award-winning Japanese creator (composer, programmer, designer) is considered to be one of the most influential technologists in the world. He will present the spectacular "Dance With Drones" show, combining contemporary dance, videomapping, robotics and the multiple interactions that occur between them.

Tarek Atoui :: Lebanese Tarek Atoui's dimensions extend far beyond his work as a composer and musician: Atoui is a main reference for sound artists in today's contemporary art circles, demonstrated by his participation at Documenta in Kassel. The originality of his work lies in the sensors and electronic devices he creates himself, making his music (and stage production) something unique.

Imposition - Fabrica :: The Italian laboratory, one of the most important creative research centres in the world, presents this stunning audiovisual performance from the work of Venetian musician Edisonnoside and German visual artist Daniel Schwarz. It consists of a three-dimensional forest that combines dark electronic rhythms superimposed with abstract images, which are perfectly synchronised.

Machine Variation: Bernier + Messier :: Canadian's Martin Messier and Nicolas Bernier have already amazed audiences with their "Chambre des Machines" at Sónar 2010. This year they will present a giant machine full of springs, gears and levers, marrying new technologies with the most basic mechanisms from the past.

Audion :: The dance-floor techno project from the ever versatile Matthew Dear presents a new album and an incredible show produced in collaboration with creative's from the Vita Motus studio (who devised the Amon Tobin ISAM tour). The artist will be located in the centre of a large circular structure,where light pulsates to the rhythm of the beats.

3QUIN0X :: The film collective Crater (Adriana Vila and Luis Macías) and Portuguese artist Alfredo Costa Monteiro join together to create a radical experience that pushes the spectator's perception levels to the limit, creating new sensations from repetitive images, flashes of light and abrasive sounds. A cinematic show not suitable for all audiences.

Matmos :: The Californian duo (Drew Daniel and MC Schmidt) have always been known for their combination of ironic conceptualism along with the imaginative use of electronic devices. Big "musique concrète" fans, they are able to generate live sounds with virtually any object, from a human hair to a few nails scattered on the floor, which they then manipulate via all sorts of strange instruments, with technology at the core of their playful approach.

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