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Sonar Festival 14.02.2011
The Gaslamp Killer, Mj Cole, Benji B, Braiden, Axel Boman ...
Shows by the Los Angeles producer The Gaslamp Killer and the Spanish beatmaker Noaipre join the highly anticipated Buraka Som Sistema show in A Taste of Sonar, Sonar 2011 preview which will take place on the 19th of March in London's Roundhouse. Red Bull Music Academy –repeating last year's e ...

Sonar Festival 05.02.2011
Finisterrae, The Sonar Film, Wins The Top Prize At The 40th International Film Festival Rotterdam
The International Film Festival Rotterdam (IFFR), also known as the "European Sundance' because of its specialisation and prestige among independent film-makers, has awarded the Tiger, the top prize at the event, to Finisterrae, the Sonar 2010 film directed by Sergio Caballero. Finisterrae is Serg ...

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