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Sonar Festival 26.05.2015
Spectacular Shows And Nonstop Dancing On Both Nights At Sonarclub
The Chemical Brothers, Die Antwoord, A$AP Rocky, Skrillex and Duran Duran will head the performances on the biggest stage at Sónar by Night. Friday on the dance floor: rap, fiery beats and euphoric techno The first of SonarClub's two nights will be headed by three exceptional names: A$AP Ro ...

Sonar Festival 21.05.2015
Welcome To Our House: A House Music Tour Through Sónar By Night
Since its origins in Chicago and New York, the classic and quintessential dance music genre has passed through many phases, where its influence has been a determining factor in shaping the international scene. Following the domination of minimal techno in Germany and dubstep in the United Kingdom, ...

Sonar Festival 21.05.2015
Synthetic Pop And Emotive Electronica In Sónar 2015
Like a polyhedron with infinite sides, electronic music has many faces, and Sónar 2015 represents many of its diverse genres and styles, providing as close to a definition of the contemporary scene as one could hope for. Seen from here, one of its most intriguing facets is that which feeds from ...

Sonar Festival 18.05.2015
2015: The Year Of Grime
Brap brap brrrrrap! Erupting out of the playgrounds and council estates of London at the turn of the millennium, grime quickly established itself as the most exciting and original British genre since punk. Between 2003 and 2006 you couldn't walk down the street in the capital without hearing it ...

Sonar Festival 07.05.2015
Last Minute Surprise: Sónar 2015 Adds Owen Pallett And Arthur Baker To Its Line-up
Sónar adds two new performances to the SonarVillage stage at Sónar by Day: Toronto's brilliant young musician and composer Owen Pallett; and historic US producer and remixer Arthur Baker, who will also present and talk about his latest documentary at Sónar+D. Precocious genius and virtuoso violini ...

Sonar Festival 28.04.2015
Emerging Talent From All Over The World Presented By Red Bull Music Academy
2015 sees the 11th consecutive collaboration between the Red Bull Music Academy and Sónar. The festival and the Academy share the same philosophy, based on high quality music, support for emerging artists and a commitment to providing the best possible shows for the most demanding audiences. The ...

Sonar Festival 24.04.2015
The New Album By The Chemical Brothers Is Here
On July 17 The Chemical Brothers will release "Born In The Echoes", their eighth studio album and their first album since "Further" (2010). The album will be presented live at Sónar weeks before its public release, with an unprecedented huge, spectacular and hypnotic live show. "Born In The ...

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