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Sonar Festival 04.06.2015
Bumper Cars And Genre's Collide At Sonarcar
SonarCar is the one area of Sónar where genres and styles of underground dance collide and careen against one another with joyful abandon. Here you're as likely to hear southern rap as you are dark techno, latin 8-bit rhythms or acid house. In short: just like the bumper cars, on this stage there a ...

Sonar Festival 04.06.2015
Sónar Heads Down To The Metro With Fernando Lagreca
For another year Sónar will travel underground into Barcelona's Metro for a free appetizer concert, just one week before the start of the festival. This year's leading featured artist is Fernando Lagreca, who will perform his captivating and enveloping live electronica, to be held on Friday, Jun ...

Sonar Festival 03.06.2015
Sónar Underground, The Sónar 2015 Subway Map Of Stylistic Connections Created By Tiu Mag
  The Sónar 2015 subway map of stylistic connections created by TiU Mag This is Underground has translated the connections and relationships of se ...

Sonar Festival 02.06.2015
Av Shows: Stage Innovation And Interdisciplinary Dialogues
Sónar's program includes several immersive shows tipified by their new and innovative onstage production. These shows use advanced technology and creative processes involving artists from different fields, which establish interdisciplinary dialogues and produce powerful on stage results. Immer ...

Sonar Festival 02.06.2015
The Most Ambitious Sónar+d Ever
Sónar+D is the international congress organized by Sónar focusing on the digital transformation of the creative industries, and aiming to foster talent, promote the exchange of knowledge and facilitate business opportunities. The Sónar+D line-up has a very clear theme - "Creativity, Technology and ...

Sonar Festival 02.06.2015
Creativity, Knowledge And The Future At Marketlab, The Nerve Centre Of Sónar+d
Spectacular mappings, musical instruments, sound prototypes and experiments mixing science and art will be present at MarketLab, the Sónar+D space to see, touch, ask and experience first hand, projects that are shaping the present and future of the creative and technology industry. MarketLab wil ...

Sonar Festival 28.05.2015
From The Deep South To Sónar 2015. How Trap Took Over The World
Over the last few years, trap, a genre that has its origins in the strip clubs and crack dens of Atlanta has emerged as the unlikely heir to EDM.  Across the globe a host of new producers, DJs and rappers are taking its signature double and triple time hi hats and 808 basslines and twisting the ...

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