The Energy Of The Sun

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solar energy at the SUN

Since ancient times people know we are dependent on the Energy of the Sun. It gives light, makes plants grow, provides food for animals and people, warms the planet and is the driving force behind its complex ecosystem. Whether in the form of light, heat or the winds and rivers it produces, it's a source of energy that never seems to run out. Ironically fossil fuels on which the world depends so much are also a product of the sun, but it is a dead end along with nuclear power. There is technology available on different levels to harness the energy of the sun and other renewable resources, we just have to make a switch to them - first making the switch in our heads. We believe small scale grassroots initiatives and a bottom up approach are more effective than massive projects, and responsibility starts on an individual level. But beware of greenwashing! As an example, bio-fuel might sound like a good idea, but if it is coming from massive monocultures that destroy diversity, then it is not. Same with a range of other things, so always look carefully at the details as well as the bigger picture. The bottom line is: be conscious about and don't waste energy, use energy more efficiently and try to use alternative energy sources - or even go as far as getting off the grid altogether. We hope in the long term to develop such a small off-grid community, but now it's party time so let the sun shine and let's soak up its energy!

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