Sheriff Perkins One Man Rockabilly Aus Frankreich

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Den Donnerstag schließt Sheriff Perkins aus Frankreich ab.Bio_Photo

"Sheriff Perkins One Man Band sings, picks the guitar and kicks the drum in the unexplored territories of rockabilly-country-hardcore!!!"

He started performing as a one man band in July of 2005. He sings, plays guitar and uses his feet to kick a snare drum as well as a bass drum, the latter equipped with a twin bass drum pedal, which he doesn't play a great deal, but looks good for showing off.

His music randomly blends vague rockabilly with lazy Country Music, folding the whole thing in an opportunist Garage Punk packaging able to puzzle the most indulgent of the critics.

So far he's released a LP and two 7 inches, the last one being a split record with Thee Mysterious Asthmatic Avenger, appeared in a few compilations and played over two hundred concerts in France and Europe, anywhere he could display his lousy technicity and his poor musical taste.

And like it's not enough, he's been singing and playing guitar from 2011 to 2013 in the garage punk band dubiously named Dead Kadhafis since fall of 2011 and has been heard claiming he founded a grindcore one man band going by the no less improper name of Anal Vega.

It's needless to say, he's not even remotely a real sheriff.

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