Rock Herk 2010 Is Coming Up

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geschrieben von: Rock Herk geschrieben am: 10.07.2010 um: 10:52 Uhr

The last couple of weeks weren?t the easiest ones for the organisation of Rock Herk, as we have to consider a much more strict use of park Olmenhof in Herk-de-Stad.

Already since the beginning of the festival, 28 years ago, Rock Herk is very conscious about the value of the trees and plants in the park. But the domain also has a social value and is not a museum. After some consultation with the municipal gouvernement we changed the arrangement of the site of the festival. The second stage moved into a tent and is now called Vice Club. We also took some measures to protect the trees and the park, to make sure the park as well as the festival will have a great future.

We also have to consider:
- more control by the gouvernment on the sale of alcohol and tabacco to minors
- more control on the work conditions of our volunteers
- a more strict regulatory on noise
- a search to integrate durable principles to do with waste prevention and waste processing
And of course we still have to organise a rock festival.

But, all?s well that ends well. The organisation of Rock Herk is ready to host a great 28th edition of the festival. Most important are still the typical atmosphere and the self-willed musical line-up, which is considered to be very good. Rock Herk is still a free festival. But please don?t bring vuvuzela?s, as they are absolutely not welcome on the site of the festival and the camp site.

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