Wolf People Confirms Appearance For Roadburn Festival 2011

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geschrieben von: Roadburn Festival geschrieben am: 04.11.2010 um: 18:22 Uhr

Roadburn Festival is very pleased to report that Wolf People will be playing the Saturday Roadburn date, Saturday, April 16th, 2011.

Since 2006 the name Wolf People has been uttered with hushed reverence amongst psych heads, record collectors and fervent music enthusiasts in the UK. Their mix of psych rock riffs, blues chops and acid folk eventually bringing them to the attention of legendary US label JAGJAGUWAR (home to Black Mountain, Dinosaur Jr, Oneida etc). The debut LP Steeple released earlier this year is fiercely proud of it?s heritage both musical and cultural, and doesn?t shy away from it?s influences, but that?s not to say it?s not it?s own beast: majestic, heavy and real.

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