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Lovingly pinched from Atlanta Georgia’s Sons Of Tonatiuh have dropped their first full length album onto an unsuspecting world, and with members of Leechmilk in tow, you’d better believe that it’s sludgy. Without being overly proggy or wanky about it, Sons of Tonatiuh have managed to put their own stamp on the sludge formula, thanks to a vast sonic arsenal and a willingness to explore different arrangements and tempos. These songs are HEAVY, and they’re memorable, but they aren’t predictable in any sense. Each track is its own journey, and that makes for one hell of a trip when you sit down to a listening sessions with this LP.

The production is thick but stripped down. No bells and whistles, just syrupy guitars, pounding drums and deep bass, with the acid gargling vocals soaring over it all in typical sludge fashion. It works well, and puts the emphasis on the songs, and the riffs contained within them, which are nothing short of colossal.

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