Album Of The Day: A Forest Of Stars ? Opportunistic Thieves Of Spring

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Lovingly pinched from Originally, back in the 90′s, black metal bands often described their approach to chords and melodies as such: they picked the voicings which they thought sounded the most unsettling and claustrophobic.

Now, in 2010, well into the much celebrated “3rd Wave of Black Metal”, it seems a lot of the modern bands have gotten away from that, and gone for something else. And that’s cool. But not A Forest of Stars – they’ve managed to create a sound that’s unsettling in not only its tonality, but its instrumentation as well, with micro-tonal keyboard sweeps and violin slides that blow away traditional Western approaches to melody and harmony, and leave the listener awash in a wave of paranoia and claustrophia.

And to think that they dress in Victorian garb, then sing about poets and medieval royalty. A band of British hippies haven’t sounded this evil since Electric Wizard, or perhaps even Black Sabbath. Just to make sure you noticed, this band is distinctively British. They revel in it, and it translates well in their sound.

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